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“The world is a book, and those who don’t travel only read one page.” – Augustine of Hippo 

Reading and travel have been closely connected for centuries. Nowadays, no journey starts without first reading up on our desired destination or the services offered by a hotel. I believe that this is best done in one’s own language.


Passionate about travel

A frequent traveller myself, I use my language skills to help others have an enjoyable, trouble-free travel experience by making relevant texts, video or social media content accessible to them in their native language.

Whether you need a creative adaptation, consistent terminology, to capture the imagination of travellers or to inform industry experts, you can benefit from my language services for texts, videos and social media content. Thanks to my substantial knowledge of travel and tourism terminology in all of my working languages, I can skilfully adapt materials from English, Arabic and Polish for German audiences.





• Hotel websites, brochures, leaflets, presentations, press releases, travel articles, blogs, guide books, reviews, area information, training materials

• Leisure tourism, business travel, eco-tourism, sustainable tourism, independent travelling, backpacking, adventure tourism

• Sports: scuba diving, windsurfing, skiing, golf


Get your text back on track and benefit from:

• Flawless German texts and translations in the right style for your target readership


Excel in customer service with a localised German social media presence and benefit from:

• Interaction with German travellers and industry experts

• Research into suitable platforms to reach your clients/industry experts

• Translation and adaptation of tweets/updates/blogs

• Or: full-scale social media campaigns in German


• Promotional videos

• Educational films

• Travel and country documentaries

• Web videos


You can also choose a combination of services to benefit from comprehensive German content for various outlets, thus enabling you to reach a larger audience – all from a single source with an in-depth understanding of your goals.

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Continuing professional development

Trust in a translator who stays abreast of the latest developments in the travel industry.


Arabian Travel Market (trade fair with extensive seminar programme)

5-8 May 2014, Dubai

Webinar: Translating for the tourism industry (by Oliver Lawrence)

eCPD Webinars

Online destination training programme for tour guides


Virtual conference for tourism translators



Do you need other languages?

To help your travel brand to attract a truly international audience, I have teamed up with other translators specialising in tourism translations. Our network travelNatives covers the most important languages in the travel industry.

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