Arab world

The vast majority of content produced in and about the Arab world is available in Arabic and English. Daily headlines and specialist publications read by a minority of people aside, German readers are faced with a lack of information in their own language about many goings-on in the multifaceted Middle East region.

German researchers, students and journalists often have to use foreign-language sources of information in their work, and with my language services I help to bridge the linguistic gap.

Calling the Middle East my second home since 2003, I can ensure that the cultural references in your every word, frame or tweet are fully understood by German audiences.



• Websites, news articles, presentations, exhibition catalogues

• Non-fiction, short stories, book blurbs and reviews, song lyrics

• History of the MENA region, politics, art, literature, film and music, journalism, teaching Arabic, Muslims in Europe

 Social media localisation

• Research into suitable platforms to reach target audiences

• Translation and adaptation of tweets/updates/blog posts

• Full-scale German social media campaigns for organisations, book releases, films, exhibitions, etc. 

 Proofreading and editing

• For German translations and original texts

• Special focus on consistent terminology and the spelling of Arabic names

• Ensuring cultural references will be understood


• Documentaries, feature films, short films, web videos

• English and Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) into German

• Translation of templates from English, MSA, and the Egyptian and Levantine dialects

Arab world

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Since 2001, I have acquired substantial expertise in a vast array of fields through:

In-country experience

Countries lived in:

• Syria (1.5 years)

• Egypt (3 years)

Countries visited:

• Lebanon, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Oman

Translation experience

Memorable translation projects:

• Lyrics of rap songs by Egyptian rapper and activist Mohamed El-Deeb

• Large-volume translation for the exhibition Space, Time, Dignity, Rights about Palestinian refugee camps (both in cooperation with my colleague Jessica Siepelmeyer)

Work beyond translation

My professional experience includes work in the following areas:

• Journalism (online magazine Thara, Damascus, 2010)

• Project promoting the translation of Arabic literature into English (English PEN, Cairo, 2008)

• International academic cooperation (DAAD, Cairo, 2006)

Academic study

MA in Arabic including the study of:

• Arabic language

• Literature

• History of the Middle East & North Africa

• Politics

Constitutional Struggles in the Muslim World (online course at the University of Copenhagen, via Coursera)

Middle Eastern cultural events & Arabic in London

Co-organiser of the London Arabic Language Meetup Group since 2009:

• Insider to London’s Middle Eastern cultural scene

• Regular Arabic practice with native speakers from various countries

• Assisting beginners in learning Arabic

Arabic study

• Modern Standard Arabic (MSA)

• Levantine and Egyptian dialects

• Classical (Koranic) Arabic