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The fast-evolving world of social media offers a wealth of possibilities – and raises a number of questions. How can social media be used for marketing and awareness-raising? What trends can we anticipate? Which platforms are most popular with a given audience?


Texts related to social media are teeming with buzzwords, predominantly in English. Some are well-known to German speakers, while others have well-established German equivalents. With social media virtually everywhere, a large proportion of the population is aware of it; however, as with any topic, levels of knowledge vary.

Whether you need to translate a specialist text for digital natives or an article aimed at the general public, with me you’ll have the right German language services provider at your side. Do you have interesting insights into international social media usage? Thanks to my substantial knowledge of social media terminology in all of my working languages, I can expertly translate research and other materials from English, Arabic and Polish into German.





• Articles, essays, fact sheets, training material, presentations, blogs, course content, case studies, academic texts

• Areas: social media marketing (SMM), content marketing, social media in the classroom, international social media, citizen journalism

• Texts for: social media experts, businesses, students, the general public


Get your text back on track and benefit from:

• Flawless German texts and translations in the right style for your target readership


Do you want to raise awareness in German-speaking countries of an up-coming project or publication in the field of social media? You could benefit from the following services:

• Research into suitable platforms to reach your clients/industry experts

• Translation of tweets/updates/blog posts

• Or: full-scale social media campaigns in German


• Promotional videos

• Web videos

• Video lectures


You can also choose a combination of services to benefit from comprehensive German content for various outlets, thus enabling you to reach a larger audience – all from a single source with an in-depth understanding of your goals.

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